Your words, only better.

You’ve got it written, but now you can’t see the forest for the trees. An extra set of eyes would be nice right about now? It’s About Time.

When it comes to smoothing and polishing, I can help. If it wasn’t important, you wouldn’t have written it. So don’t let it go to publication–whether that’s your blog, article, or book–without having it scrutinized by a professional.


This service is suitable for works that have been through some type of editing already and just need to be buffed to a shine. This is the final step before the publication process and includes:

  • final, intense review to catch stray errors before publishing
  • technical:  spelling, capitalization, grammar, punctuation, usage, typos

Moderate Copyediting (a.k.a. Line-by-Line)

When you’ve got your manuscript complete and organized but need help with smoothing it out, this service will provide:

  • technical: incidental review of spelling, capitalization, grammar, usage, typos
  • analytical/editorial:
    • intense review and correction of tense, redundancy, flow within sentences and paragraphs, awkward wording, passive voice, word and line spacing, consistency of terms/spelling/hyphenation/style
    • formatting of dialogue, numbers, spacing
    • discuss and assist with correction of noticeable plot or presentation discrepancies, weak transitions, minor fact checking

Editing Blend (All-of-the-Above, save 20%)

If you’re planning to publish after the copyedit, this option is just for you. Once I’ve completed the copyediting, I can easily make the final proofreading needed before publishing. I’m familiar with the manuscript, so I save time … and that saves you money. Win-Win.

  • moderate copyediting
  • final, intense proofreading

My Editing Philosophy

Some people are tempted to go over their writing one last time before sending it to the editor, kind of like straightening the house before the cleaning lady comes. I say, Let me handle it.

That’s what I’m here for. And I like doing it.

Your words, only better.  Writers know what they want to say. They craft their work with the words they want. I get that. I see the editor as someone who helps the writer realize their goal by preserving their wording to the greatest extent possible. Maybe changing the word order instead of the words themselves or tweaking a word ending to make it consistent with the rest of the sentence. I’m here to provide my expertise and advice, but you have the final say. I respect that.

Encouragement. Having your work edited feels similar to turning in a paper to the English teacher. But be assured, I also point out things that are well done. People need encouragement.

Want more information or feel like you’re ready to move forward?

Contact me and let’s get it done!